Cyberpunk 2077’s Roach Race is out on mobile now

Roach Race, the mobile port of Cyberpunk 2077’s in-game arcade game, is out now on mobile for free.

The game was announced during the Edgerunners Special livestream earlier this week, where details of the upcoming expansion Phantom Liberty were revealed.

The livestream also included information on the Edgerunners update, which added the aforementioned arcade cabinet to the game.

I’ve taken the plunge and installed the game on my phone to see how it is, and it’s… fine.

The comparisons to Google’s Dinosaur Game are fair. Instead of a T-Rex it’s Geralt’s horse Roach. Fences and griffins replace cacti and Pteranodons.

It has some other features to prevent monotony from setting in. Roach can collect carrots to speed up, and is also capable of double jumping by tapping twice on the screen. Tapping three times on the screen grants you a brief spurt of invincibility, which has a cooldown of a couple of seconds.

So far I’ve made it to stage 1-3 and I’m unsure of how much longer the game runs for. It’s pretty funny when you wipe out and Geralt comes running across the screen to his beloved mount. I do wonder what the end game looks like here. Is Geralt eternally destined to be chasing after Roach forever? I suppose wild horses could drag him away.

Here’s the link to Roach Race on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store if you fancy saddling up.